Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Style

I guess when it comes to anything, especially an art, everyone has their own style. Most of the time when you order a cake, I think a good decorator will match your style (as long as you specify what you want), but at the same time, everyone who decorates cakes has their own flair and eye for design.

I would describe my style as a mix of modern, elegant, and my own individuality. I like cute, but not cartoonish. I like vintage or romantic touches mixed with modern clean lines. I like interesting color combinations that catch your eye (but don't fight for attention).

And as much as style and design are important, TASTE is equally, if not more important, when it comes to cake-making. Who wants a cake that looks pretty, but then when you serve it to your guests, it's a disappointment? So I strive for moist, delicious cakes, and I have developed a great buttercream recipe using no Crisco--just the real stuff, like the good old days! Mmm, butter. Last I heard, hydrogenated oils weren't so great for you anyway.

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