Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cupcakes for Work

This past week at work, we had a global meeting and a luncheon afterwards that I helped plan. I decided to make cupcakes for the luncheon, and I ended up making 8 dozen! I made three flavors: chocolate, "funfetti", and butter pecan, all topped with my all-natural vanilla buttercream and various toppings. 

I got so many compliments about the cupcakes! It was fun. I just couldn't stand ordering a cake from a grocery store for the event, so I whipped up some cupcakes, and everyone really liked them! I think most people's favorite kind was the butter pecan. I wasn't too sure how well that flavor would go over with a large group, since it's a little more unusual than your standard chocolate cake or yellow cake with sprinkles, but after so many good reactions, I'll have to make that flavor more often.

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