Friday, March 05, 2010

Caroline & Michael's Wedding Cake

This cake was made for eating. It was Marie's famous carrot cake (scratch made and delicious!) for which she gave me the recipe, with a delicious homemade cream cheese icing. Cream cheese icing is a little more temperamental than buttercream, because when it gets warm, it begins to melt or get thin very easily. So, you might end up adding a lot more confectioner's sugar than originally called for to keep it the right consistency for decorating. But, boy, is it delicious, especially on a carrot or red velvet cake. 

Caroline wanted white satin wrapped around the cake in sashes to mimic her beautiful dress. The satin was pinned with fresh gardenias on the sides of the cake, and she selected a beautiful pair of white doves to top the cake. 

Something about a cake up on stilts just adds to the excitement. Caroline liked the idea of this small fountain under her cake, with aqua colored glass stones to match her wedding colors. I was guarding the table until the cake cutting so that no young children decided to come running up to it and shake the table! But, everything went smoothly, and everyone got to enjoy a slice of the cake. 

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